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India’s first B2B curated platform for Health, Wellness, Sports & Fashion businesses. Connecting retail businesses with Manufacturers, Importers

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At ProfitB2B with a rich 40+ years of collective team experience, we understand people’s nutrition requirements and we are the best to be contacted for all your nutritional needs.

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1. Product Authenticity:

  • The products which our team picks have been carefully validated and approved/rejected by our renowned nutritionists post which the products which are approved are being sent for testing to obtain FASSAI license. Only after the approval and certification, we upload the products for you to consume.” Because – Your health is our primary concern”.

2. Buying Experience

  • To make your shopping experience merrier, we publish only genuine products and to ensure that you will have a safe and secure shopping experience. We cater most of the payment options for you and the payment options are secured with the highest level of encryption*.